Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WOW - What a night!

 What a night!! Our first meeting was awesome and we were overwhelmed with just how many of you lovely ladies were interested in joining the WI! Before the doors opened Annie had said 'what happens if nobody comes' and I said 'we'll just have to eat all the cake ourselves!' thankfully for my diet it wasn't necessary…

We are all so thrilled that so many of you turned out on such a horrible evening and queued in the rain to come and see us.  Hopefully you enjoyed yourselves enough to come back next time and our October meeting is going to be a lot of fun and also really interesting.  Don't forget it's on 25th October.

 We've decided that we'd pick a charity that would benefit from some of our fund raising and this year we've picked Weston Hospice Care (the rules state that any charity that receives donations from a W, must be a local, rather than nationwide, charity) and are pleased to welcome along a representative of the Hospice to tell us all about their work and how your support can help them out. We'll also be having a 30 minute make where we'll demonstrate the thing of beauty that we'll make to raise money for them. Annie is a volunteer at the Hospice so they seemed an obvious choice for our first year but next year we'll be seeking your suggestions for a local charity or community organisation that would benefit from our support and then we'll have a vote to decide which one gets us!

The October meeting will also include some formality as we need to go through a process of 'formation'. Lovely Jean (our WI Advisor) will be guiding us through the process and we're assured that it shouldn't take too long!

Having hit capacity at the launch meeting we're thinking that we might need to find a bigger venue, so if you felt a bit squashed - don't worry, we're already on the case. We're already booked into the same room for next month but one of the reasons that we chose the Blakehay was because it is so flexible as a venue and can accommodate large and small groups so it should always be the same location - maybe a different room!


Look forward to seeing you next month

Lea x
PS - the rather splendid photographs from the launch were taken for us by Russ at North Somerset Photography

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  1. This is the start of good things to come! I never thought I'd be getting excited about WI yet here I am.

    Looking forward to the 25th.