Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WOW WI Continues to be wonderful!

WOW!! Another brilliant night!

Another evening marred by rain and stormy weather wasn’t enough to keep you away from our second meeting! Thanks to all of you who came along and joined us for our second WOWWI meeting.

This months meeting wasn’t quite the spectacular that we achieved last month (mainly because we can’t always have balloons!) but was action packed nonetheless and included the official-officialness that means that we are now a fully fledged, all-singing, all dancing Womens Institute.  
We started out with a welcome from Sue (who did a sterling job considering that she has a horrendous cold!), hilariously (not for them) Sue was filling in for Annie who, whilst present, had lost her voice!

Between them they welcomed new faces and welcomed back those of you who came along last month and introduced Jean, our WI Advisor who was present to oversee our formation.

The formation involved Jean making sure that everyone wanted a WI (and it was nice to see that so many people obviously do want a WI in Weston-super-Mare) and formally recognising our name, frequency of meetings, number of committee members and also the very important business of Presidency.

Annie was nominated, seconded, thirded etc. and formally sworn in as President of the Women of Weston-super-Mare Womens Institute. It was mega exciting and we all cheered and clapped. Hurrah!

After all of the officalness we welcomed our speaker, another Sue from Weston Hospicecare.

Weston Hospicecare is a marvellous charity that is very close to the hearts of a number of our members (including Annie) who volunteer there and we’ve decided that we would like to support the Hospice as our chosen charity for the year.

It all gets very complicated trying to support a charity being that the WI is a charity and there are rules that we must follow when raising money but we are able to donate to local charities and support them in non-financial ways (including through community engagement) and we have chosen Weston Hospicecare as the recipient of this great attention for this year.

We were notified of a number of fundraising initiatives that the Hospice is currently promoting including the Tree of Light and Light Up a Life Event 2011 and their Massive Mince Pie (which I was most disappointed to learn does not involve a humungous mince pie!). If you care about the Hospice, take a look and get involved.

Following the talk we were treated to another ‘marvellous make’ by Shona and Leanne (in fairness, it was mainly Shona!) who showed us how to fashion a bag from a t-shirt, yes you heard us, how to upcycle your old t-shirts (and those of your families) into bags, with a few snips of the scissors and a whoosh of the sewing machine.

So impressed were all assembled that it was agreed that we’d have a bag parade at our next meeting with a competition for the best bag! Any bags unwanted by their creator can be sold off for our fundraising.

Shona's demo bag
So – get making, there are some mega-competitive crafters in our midst and it’ll be a great challenge for your creativity, we’ll post pictures of bags on the blog too – how exciting!!

We closed the evening with some updates on membership and news of our next meeting where we’ll be having a demo of festive floral arrangements from a professional (not me and Shona), we’ll be auctioning off the creations (so you can take ‘em home and pass them off as your own!) and you’ll learn of the skills to recreate them for your own homes over the festive season. There will also be a ‘make’ and you’ll have to wait and see what treat we have in store for you!

- - -


If you are interested in membership – now is the time to join (and a BIG welcome to all of our new members, its great to know that so many of you want to share the wonders of the WI).

If you join now, the membership fee is £31.50 and you will have nothing more to pay until the end of 2012 – which is a bargain! You’ll still be able to attend as a visitor if you’re not yet sure you want to commit (although I am confident that the floristry, the facial yoga we’ve planned for January and the festive frolics we’ve scheduled for December will entice you further).

We also welcomed our first Dual Member this month and look forward to welcoming more in the future.

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