Thursday, 17 November 2011

Meeting Report: 15th Nov - Festive Flowers

Well we had another humdinger of a big night at the Blakehay last night and this time it didn't rain!!

Once again we had a huge queue and this is something that we're working on as we find our feet and get used to our attendance figures, we were jam packed into the Jill Dando suite and we're talking to the Blakehay about whether or not we use the Auditorium (which can accommodate 200) but there are some restrictions including no cake eating or tea drinking (unless from a plastic cup) and its not as sociable as the room we currently use (that said, being packed in like sardines isn't terribly comfortable anyway)..

I won't dwell on logistics but did want to say that we really appreciate so many of you turning out (and extra apologies to those ladies we had to turn away) but please do bear with us because next month we'll have a bigger space and there will be more room to move around, enough seats for everyone and we're making resolving venue issues our biggest priority for the next couple of weeks. Incidentally, if you have any ideas for a potential venue (that can hold 100 wonderful women) in the centre of town - do please let us know because we're mad keen on making our meetings as comfortable for you as possible.
Right, apologies and explanations out of the way. On with the detailed report of the wonderfulness of Tuesdays meeting . 

We were joined this evening by Daphne, our federation chair and it was lovely to catch up and to share our fabulous WI with her, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and made a fantastic job of judging the t-shirt bag competition. We were also joined by Lucy from the WI Life Magazine and a photographer (which I'd forgotten and therefore failed to dress up posh and so you got a very normal view of the Women of Weston-super-Mare WI Committee (I was surprised Annie didn't have sequins on!). The attendance by WI Life was wildly exciting because it we are all very much in awe of our very own members publication and are very much looking forward to being in it!!!

As mentioned, we were overwhelmed with our attendance and hit capacity at 7.30. Who knew that festive floral arrangements would be such a draw?? They were pretty brilliant though and the marvellous Charmianne (and her super assistant) did a phenomenal job of demonstrating how to transform 'normal' flowers into 'spectacular floral displays'. In an hour she'd whipped up 4 arrangements, 2 using dried flowers and 2 using fresh flowers (she then made up one extra while we carried on chatting! What a woman!!). The arrangements were stunning and everybody in attendance was surprised to see such a rapid and impressive transformation! We no longer have any excuse for failing to produce a fantastic feat of floristry and whilst we won't be testing you to see what you've learned - you're always welcome to share photos of the ones you made at home.

The '15 minute make' featured floral corsages which were demonstrated by the wonderful Shona (supported (more like impeded) by me!) all the details of how to make your own are featured on the make log which is where we'll detail the quick crafts that we demonstrate each month - if there is anything you're desperate to see made 'on the fly' do let us know and we'll factor it into the programme.

The make log is a new addition to the blog along with the cake log which will feature details of the various unctuous delights that are made each month by the tremendous cake rota volunteers (don't forget, if you want to show off your baking - email Shona and get your name on the list).

We've been utterly rubbish at getting photos for those of you that didn't make it which is another thing we'll be getting better at next month and what with the festive feel to our December meeting it'll be a good excuse to glam up (perhaps with a fancy ol' corsage) and we can get some photos to jazz up this site.

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  1. Thanks for the fun meeting last week, even though we had to stand! What a brilliant turn out. Charmianne's flower arrangements inspired 4 of us so much we are organising a Christmas flower arranging evening! I loved the 15 minute make and whipped up a corsage over the weekend! Want to see it?
    I blog here
    See you in December with a fancy ol' corsage, if she'll come with me ;0