Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May Meeting Report - Jubilee Street Party

 Last Tuesday night the museum courtyard was looking beautiful - strung with
miles and miles of bunting, decked out with red, white and blue helium
balloons and union flags everywhere - all thanks to the hard work of the
committee, Adam and Lizzie from the museum and a few stray husbands.

It should be noted that one condition was placed on the use of helium balloons
which was that they must not end up on the ceiling because as they
deflate they tend to set off the motion-sensors, leading to poor dedicated
Adam being called out in the middle of the night.  

We solemnly agreed, but sadly the road to hell is paved with good intentions and there were soon
four naughty balloons bobbing around on the ceiling.  So if you see Adam wandering the streets of Weston looking like he hasn't slept for the past four nights - maybe he hasn't!

 The faux shop-fronts really added to the street party atmosphere as did the
long tables, which were soon groaning under the weight of all the food,
brought by our generous and talented members.

No one could say that WOW-WI members are afraid of joining in and they
embraced the fancy dress theme with gusto - we had all kinds of fantastic
fancy dress from girls in bobby socks to hippies and punks, and Steph was
resplendent in Mrs Thatcher chic in the mother-of-the-bride suit from her
wedding.  A photographer from the Weston Mercury was in attendance to
capture our efforts so look out for a report in the local paper next week.

 After a brief mingle we proceeded to the gallery where Marianne explained
the WI resolution system and presented the case for the current one which
is for the WI to campaign for the NHS to recruit more midwives.  A vote was held later in the evening which
was unanimously in favour of the resolution as proposed.  Trish Taylor will
take the decisions of all the local WIs to the National Federation AGM next

Elaine encouraged members to use the WI Moodle; this is a facility which
members can access for free and has lots of information about the wider WI
as well as learning resources.  Members should have already been sent a
username and password - if anyone has any problems with accessing the
Moodle, please let Elaine know.

The WI Olympic Torch Handover is due to take place on 24th May at the
beach, but we are still awaiting confirmation of the times.  More
information to follow when we have it.

Members were reminded of forthcoming trips to Hilside Nursery and
Hestercoombe (see events page).  We are also planning a new trip to Ladies
Day at Bath Races on 1st September, more details to follow.

We reminded everyone of the forthcoming meetings of the Book, Craft and
Walking Clubs - see individual club pages for details.

Next month's meeting will be an historical walk around Weston, starting out
from Loves Cafe.  Sue asked for a show of hands and it seemed that most of
those present were planning to join the walk.

Our speaker for the evening was John Crockford-Hawley who was very engaging
and we were all enthralled by his tales of Weston-super-Mare past.  A
shudder was seen to go around the room at the thought of the "refuse pond"
which had apparently occupied the site which is now the Pound Shop and
where old Westonians disposed of their fish-heads and bones - clearly not
everything about history is romantic!  Lots of people commented that they
could have listened all evening so perhaps we will have to get Mr
Crockford-Hawley to come back in future.

After the talk a swarm of locusts/large group of WOW-WI members descended
on the buffet, following which the fancy dress competition was judged by
some of those who had come as representatives of 2012 cutting edge fashion
(by which I mean they weren't in fancy dress!!). 

The committee is pleased to report that by the end of the meeting most of
the food had been eaten, with the remainder being gobbled up by your
secretary's waste-disposal unit aka husband who felt that the left-over
treats more than made up for her failure to provide him with a cooked meal
at home!

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