Sunday, 10 June 2012

Avon Federation Olympic Torch Handover

Due to some communication problems and resultant confusion of various members of various WIs, the torch handover was done at very short notice on 24th May.  Fortunately your President and your Secretary are always poised, like coiled springs, to respond the call of  WI duty and were able to scramble the emergency Ford Ka, fling on their WOW-WI sashes and make it to Knightstone Island in time to hold the torch for a very brief period of time between Bleadon and Locking Green WIs.

  Annie waits excitedly to do the handover, smiling through the pain of a twisted ankle.

Here are the photos to prove it:

Helen receiving the torch from Bleadon

5 minutes later, Annie passing the torch safely to the Locking Green ladies.

There are worse ways to spend part of a summer evening in Weston and it was great to meet the members of other local WIs.

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