Friday, 20 July 2012

WOW-WI July Meeting Report

As Sue explained this meeting marked the end of our first year as we
started in September 2011 and there is no meeting in August.  We are all
very proud of what has been achieved and what a great group of members we
have, with everyone being so enthusiastic and keen to join in.

During our first year as a WI we have been allowed to keep all of the
members’ subscriptions and visitors’ fees.  As of September 50% of this
will need to be paid over to the Federation, so to keep running at the
standard you are used to, we will need to start fundraising.  If anyone has
any ideas, please do let us know.

Another important part of the start of a new year will be the re-election
of the committee.  Some of the committee members plan to stand again, but
Leanne and Shona have decided not to, due to other commitments.  If you
would like to join us on the committee, don’t be shy, come forward and
nominate yourself.

A delicious array of cakes was produced again; our thanks to Steph, Annie,
Dee, Amy and Sue for these.

Don’t forget the forthcoming trips to Hestercombe on 4th August and Bath
Races on 1st September.  We still have places to fill for the races – this
is your chance to dust off your most flamboyant hat and try your luck with
the bookies!

In honour of the forthcoming London Olympics our speakers for July meeting
had a health and fitness theme.

Firstly Sue Gilbert came to talk to us about Pilates.  It was an excellent
introduction and gave a really good idea about what Pilates can achieve for
all types of people.

We had a good giggle at the photos of Joseph Pilates who liked to practice
in his pants and it was great fun to see the expressions of intense
concentration on the faces of members as they played the very challenging
“lift game”.

We are hoping that Sue will be able to offer a course of Pilates sessions
for WOW-WI members – watch this space.

Sue generously donated a personal training session to our raffle.  Her website is here.

Our own Sue Jamison must have dashed into a telephone box whilst we weren’t looking
as suddenly she had been transformed into an Olympic Gamesmaker, complete
with uniform.  Sue is passionate about the Olympics and the commitment of the athletes and was delighted to introduce our second speaker.

Ben Rushgrove is a Paralympic runner from Bath who trains locally.  He was
the first athlete to achieve a time of under 25 seconds in the 200m.  He
also won a silver medal in the 100m at the Games in Beijing in 2008 with a
time of 12.35 seconds, beating the bronze medal winner by 1/100th of a

Quite what he must have thought when he walked in to the museum to see
50-odd ladies practicing their pelvic floor exercises is anyone’s guess,
but it didn’t seem to put him off his cake.

Ben gave a very inspiring talk about his sport and his life, explaining his
philosophy of trying to concentrate only on the things which you can
control.  He was generous enough to circulate his various medals around
the group and we were very excited to have the chance to hold a silver
Olympic medal.

Alison Bond has been knitting cushions for Woolsack and was very proud to
hand her latest creation directly to Ben.  Woolsack is a project which
enables anyone to contribute to making a cushion from British wool. These
are being given as a personal welcome gift from the people of Britain to
the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Ben kindly offered to take questions at the end of his talk (and didn’t
seem to mind being interrogated about his consumption of sweet treats!) and
then to pose for photographs afterwards.

Ben has a lot of new fans at WOW-WI and going forward we will all be
cheering him on at “Gamestime”, I really think that.

You can see a video about Ben on You Tube by clicking here

September’s meeting will be WOW-WI’s first birthday party.  We have chosen
a Weston-super-Mare theme and fish and chips will be for sale, provided by Atlantic
Fish Bar.  John Crockford-Hawley will be in attendance again to continue where
he left off last time in his account of Weston-super-Mare’s history.  Suzie
Johnson of The Wool Sanctuary will be joining us to tell us about her new
book Janet Smith Can’t Knit.

We will also be holding WOW-WI’s first creative competition.  There will be four
classes, all entries are to have a Weston-super-Mare theme.
1.    Food – anything you think sums up the culinary flavour of Weston,
from toffee apples to decorated cakes
2.    Craft – here is your chance to show off the skills you have picked up
at Craft Club; will it be a beach scene on a tray or a knitted donkey?
3.    Clothing – come along in your best Weston-themed outfit, perhaps your
only chance this year to don your bikini or kiss-me-quick hat
4. Souvenir – bring along the naffest (or most beautiful) souvenir of Weston
you can find available in the vast array of gift shops around town.

See you after the summer - if we eventually get one!

Monday, 16 July 2012

WOW WI Book Group

The WOW WI Book Group met as usual in Loves Cafe on Tuesday 10th July to discuss The Red House by Mark Haddon. As many of us had read other books by Mark Haddon, namely The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night  and A Spot of Bother we had anticipated an amusing well paced novel. This latest novel by Mark Haddon tells teh story of a brother and sister and their respective o families who share a week in a holiday cottage in Wales and  their relationships and attitudes to wards each other . Unfaithful spouses, stroppy teenagers and a woman possibley on the verge of going mad. Overall we agreed that The Red House  was disappointing, jumping  between  characters and scenes so quickly that it was hard to keep track of events. Lacking a clear plot, we felt the book was somewhat disjointed and we didnt gain enough in depth  knowledge of each of the cahracters. A few members did enjoy it but in summary not a faveourite for theh WOW WI members.
There  is NO meeting in August......the next Book Group meeting is Tuesday11th September and we will be reading the best selling  racy trilogy Fifty Shdes of Grey by El James . October we meet on Tuesday 9th and are reading "Things I Couldnt Tell my Mother  The autobiography of actress  Sue Johnson( Waking the Dead, Brookside, The  Royle Family).

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Meeting Report - 18th July 2012

Due to the museum having a long-standing booking for the third Tuesday, June’s meeting was held at Loves Café.  Anna from Loves put a lot of work into making a fantastic evening for us – thanks again Anna. Delicious cupcakes (my favourites were the ones with a well-known American black and white cookie on top) and a variety of lovely drinks were available.  It seems most people managed to remember that there was a change of venue (perhaps thanks to Fran getting busy with the felt tips and Blue Tac to make a sign for the museum door?!) as the place was packed.  

Sue reminded everyone of the upcoming trips to Hestercombe and Bath Races and of the dates for the forthcoming Book Club, Craft Club and Walking Group meetings.  Some serious allegations were made about the two youngest members of the committee and several other members who were accused of turning Walking Group into “Excuse for Drinking Copious Amounts of Cocktails and Staying Out Scandalously Late Group”.  We They are saying nothing (whoever they are).

We were entertained by a wonderful pianist and a certain lady who is old enough to know better went home with his phone number (for future WI events, of course).

A fact sheet was distributed, detailing how members could make the most of this website, so hopefully a few more of you are reading these words this month.  Or are they floating off into internet land?  Do let us know by leaving a comment and you will have the chance of winning a lovely bottle of wine in recognition of your super-brilliant IT skillz.

The main part of the evening was spent Walking around Weston on a Weston Walk with Weston Walker Mike Harding (your secretary was surprised not to see the comedian/Radio 2 Folk Show presenter) from Weston Walks.  Members were treated to a circular walk via Grove Park and Weston College, taking in the scenery and listening to stories of Weston residents from times past.  They got up to some shocking behaviour!  We were asked to play the jury and vote on the outcome of a true-life murder trial – quite a few members revealed their right-wing side and voted for the poor chap to face the hangman’s noose, but there were a fair few trendy lefties who went for the life imprisonment option.   All were agreed that Mike was a wonderfully engaging storyteller and very well-informed.  There have been rumours about the Walking Group going on a ghost walk with Mike for Halloween – watch this space.

Between walks, members participated in a fiendishly difficult general knowledge quiz and lots of chatting and laughter.

In honour of the Olympics, next month’s meeting has a sporty theme with a talk from the very inspiring Paralympian Ben Rushgrove as well as an introduction to Pilates from a local teacher.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring your PE kit as there will be no enforced exercise.  Local celebrity knitter Suzie Johnson of the Wool Sanctuary will be in attendance to tell us about her exciting first book.