Sunday, 1 July 2012

Meeting Report - 18th July 2012

Due to the museum having a long-standing booking for the third Tuesday, June’s meeting was held at Loves Café.  Anna from Loves put a lot of work into making a fantastic evening for us – thanks again Anna. Delicious cupcakes (my favourites were the ones with a well-known American black and white cookie on top) and a variety of lovely drinks were available.  It seems most people managed to remember that there was a change of venue (perhaps thanks to Fran getting busy with the felt tips and Blue Tac to make a sign for the museum door?!) as the place was packed.  

Sue reminded everyone of the upcoming trips to Hestercombe and Bath Races and of the dates for the forthcoming Book Club, Craft Club and Walking Group meetings.  Some serious allegations were made about the two youngest members of the committee and several other members who were accused of turning Walking Group into “Excuse for Drinking Copious Amounts of Cocktails and Staying Out Scandalously Late Group”.  We They are saying nothing (whoever they are).

We were entertained by a wonderful pianist and a certain lady who is old enough to know better went home with his phone number (for future WI events, of course).

A fact sheet was distributed, detailing how members could make the most of this website, so hopefully a few more of you are reading these words this month.  Or are they floating off into internet land?  Do let us know by leaving a comment and you will have the chance of winning a lovely bottle of wine in recognition of your super-brilliant IT skillz.

The main part of the evening was spent Walking around Weston on a Weston Walk with Weston Walker Mike Harding (your secretary was surprised not to see the comedian/Radio 2 Folk Show presenter) from Weston Walks.  Members were treated to a circular walk via Grove Park and Weston College, taking in the scenery and listening to stories of Weston residents from times past.  They got up to some shocking behaviour!  We were asked to play the jury and vote on the outcome of a true-life murder trial – quite a few members revealed their right-wing side and voted for the poor chap to face the hangman’s noose, but there were a fair few trendy lefties who went for the life imprisonment option.   All were agreed that Mike was a wonderfully engaging storyteller and very well-informed.  There have been rumours about the Walking Group going on a ghost walk with Mike for Halloween – watch this space.

Between walks, members participated in a fiendishly difficult general knowledge quiz and lots of chatting and laughter.

In honour of the Olympics, next month’s meeting has a sporty theme with a talk from the very inspiring Paralympian Ben Rushgrove as well as an introduction to Pilates from a local teacher.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring your PE kit as there will be no enforced exercise.  Local celebrity knitter Suzie Johnson of the Wool Sanctuary will be in attendance to tell us about her exciting first book.

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