Sunday, 12 August 2012

Craft Club

Sorry ladies I haven.t posted anything for two months.
June. Annie demonstrated simple cardmaking to a few of the ladies, Helen F got very carried away and managed to make about 10 cards, lots of different crafts were going on around us.
July Everybody did their own crafts from scrapbooking to jewellary. It was decided that in future the meetings would have more structure, so that we would take something away that we had made from each meeting. September it will be jewellary. one of the group is going to put little kits together, and then demonstrate to us. We will hopefully create something beautiful. Another change, is venue, from September we will meet at The Imperial on South Terrace. This is to keep costs down, The Museum is fantastic but we have to pay a set fee regardless of the amount of people attending eg. £5.00 in June as numbers were low. The Imperial will enable us to keep the amount we pay to £3.00  whatever the number. See you all then.

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