Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Night at the Races!

On Tuesday night the museum was transformed into Ascot for the evening and the place was a riot of colour and feathers as WOW-WI members donned their summer dresses and hat, hats, hats for night at the (virtual) races courtesy of Chris and Louis Mills.

Sue opened the meeting by thanking the catering team (Pauline, Moira and Lesley) for a brilliant job on the refreshments; the only sad note was that we ran out of Pimms!  Obviously it had gone down very well, as did the lovely strawberries and cream.  We always need volunteers to help Marianne with the tea and cakes; your name won't come up very often and the work is not too onerous as there's a dishwasher in the museum kitchen.  It's also a great way to get to know your fellow WOWers.  The same applies to the cake rota - we wouldn't be a WI without cake!  Please speak to Marianne if you would like to volunteer.

We also had a box for donations to be sold at a car boot sale to raise funds for WOW-WI, all contributions very welcome, thank you.

As we are nearing the end of our second year, the time has come again when you can volunteer to be on the WOW-WI committee.  We usually have great fun at committee meetings, which take place once a month on a weekday evening.  We would love to have some new committee members to share their fresh ideas.

The next Craft Club is on 2nd July, and we will have a demonstration from Kewstoke Leather and Bespoke Art.

Book Club has gone back to Tuesdays now.

After a few technical hitches with the screen - we wouldn't normally complain about too much sunshine! - the races began and members queued to place their bets (with pretend money of course!) on the runners and riders with such inspiring names as Abandon Sheep and Four Left Hooves.  Most of us ended the evening no better off than we started but a few members showed an amazing aptitude  for picking winners and made several thousand (pretend) pounds!

We soon forgot that the races were pre-recorded and were soon shouting for "our" horses with great enthusiasm even though they couldn't hear us!

Sophia the coin-operated carousel horse was feeling left out as we didn't have any pennies to let her run so we let her borrow a hat to make up for it.

Next month we will be having an Indian food demonstration, so notebooks at the ready for some exciting authentic recipes to try at home.

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