Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bauble Blowing

Yesterday, Craft Club went to Bristol Blue Glass for the morning. There was a chance to look round the (very small) museum and visit the shop and then it was off to the studio where we watched glass being blown and shaped by the professionals and had a short, interesting and informative talk on the story of blown glass in Bristol from James Adlington the master glassmaker.
Hogwart's goblets
We discovered that the saying 'Don't grab the stick by the wrong end' originated from glass blowing, by not picking up the long metal tube you use at the very hot end!
James and Reece at work

All the WoW-WIers then had the chance to blow a Bristol Blue Glass bauble of their own carefully supervised by James and Reece.
We learnt that the kiln works at 1250 degrees Centigrade, which is very hot and is never turned off, apart from maintenance,

all the glass they use is recycled,
how the twists and ridges are formed
and how colour is added and taken out of the glass.
A huge thank-you  goes to Karen for organising another brilliant Craft Club morning. 
Thank-you Karen

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