Monday, 18 August 2014

Adam's Farm

The man himself!
Last week we had a day's outing to to Adam Henson's farm or the Cotswold Farm Park, just outside Cheltenham.
Following a lovely lunch in 'Adam's Kitchen' the group had the chance to look around the farm,
Cuddle club
including a tractor trailer ride to explore the further edges.
Meet and greet!
There was plenty to see and do for the younger and older members - animals to stroke and bottle feed,
Waiting for the sheep show
if you wanted to, Highland cattle to admire, many different breeds of sheep to find out about in the Sheep Show,
Waiting for the sheep show
a lovely wildlife garden as well as much more. Some members tackled the two mile wildlife walk - apparently map reading has now been requested as a possible future activity!!!
Hee-land Coo
We even met the man himself at the end, much to our delight!
Cuddle corner
A big thank-you to Jenny for organising a super day out.

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