Saturday, 27 September 2014

A murder was announced

Our last meeting began with the arrival of Constable Bailey and his ghastly news that Sir Reginald Fortescue-Smythe had been murdered! Whilst we had been eating fish and chips someone had jolly well pushed him out of the window!
Lady Sara
This was followed by the arrival of some his delightful family and employees and it was then up to the WoWWI ladies to discover the murderer.
Miss Kitty
Shockingly two more murders followed - not the done thing at a WI - and we were regaled with the antics of a drunken Captain John Nelson - some ladies were distressed by this!
Captain Nelson and Constable Bailey
After twists, turns and revelations the murderer was discovered by the ladies and Constable Bailey was able to make an arrest.
Please be assured that the gentile ladies of WoWWI will not entertain any more murders at their meetings!!
he was killed because of that dreadful suit!
Thank-you to Murder by Design  

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