Friday, 17 April 2015

House to let

Yes I know it's sideways - but this is the only way it will let me upload it on here!!!!
Just thought you might like to see a picture of a bee house bought after the bee talk a few months ago.  My husband just put it up and called me out to see it ...

Coming up ... April

Why not give your wreath a spring theme?
Just a reminder that we meet on Tuesday 21st April at the Vintage Community Church 25 Hughenden Road at 7.30 pm as usual.
Angie who was going to do a drumming workshop with us has had to cancel unfortunately.

However we will be have a crafty creative evening making Fabric Wreaths- wire frames will be provided free  .Please brings along sharp scissors and any small pieces of fabric you have. You will need 5-6 inch long strips of fabric about half an inch or 1 cm wide - as many as possible. Ribbon can be used as well . A bottle of Prosecco for the best wreath!

If you have booked to go the the Playhouse Theatre to see The Mouse Trap on Tuesday 14th July you will need to pay next week please as the  tickets have been bought and booked. Please bring cheques made out to WOW WI   or cash - £26 per ticket.

There are a few  places left on the trip to Frome Independent Market Sunday 7th June- so sign up if you want to go.The cost of the  coach will be between £5 - £7  depending on how many people go.