Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Book group report....August 2015

In June the WOW WI book group read The Girl on the Train , the best seller by Paula Hawkins, a " who dunnit " thriller. Every day Rachel gets a train into London, and watches other peoples living  in the terraced houses and back gardens  that the train  passes each day. During her journey she imagines the lives of those inhabitants in the houses, until one day she witnesses an event that startles her. What follows is a tense psychological thriller with twists and turns whilst Rachel tries to make sense of  what she has seen and her hazy memories. People she felt she knew well,  show a different darker  side to their characters ...who can she trust...and why is her memory so unreliable ?  Definitely a stay up late page turner  and recommended.

In July we read The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.  Difficult to describe, this book had mixed reviews.  Those who have read Cloud Atlas by the same writer will be familiar with David Mitchells mix of gripping stories mixed with magical realism and  sci-fi visions  of the future.
Bone Clocks is the tale of Holly , a London teenager  growing up in the  late Seventies early Eighties. Throughout her life she the experiences glimpses of an alternative world and people.  A gripping read with very evocative descriptions of her life as a teenager, we follow Holly's life and those of other fascinating characters into the present day, but also through  an alternative existence where some souls are reincarnated endlessly and some not,  and ending in an imagined post apocalyptic future.
Fantastic story telling  but probably a bit like either loved it or hated it.

In September we meet again to discuss The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Details will be  emailed out nearer the time.
Happy Reading !

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