Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Book Group...next meeting & latest book

WOW WI Book Group meet next Tuesday 8th November at 7.30 pm to discuss The Poison Artist by Jonathon Moore. A creepy gothic psychological thriller very suitable for Halloween!
Caleb a successful San Francisco scientist and toxicologist has recently split from his girlfriend and is under pressure to archive research targets in his laboratory. Drowning his sorrows in a dark secluded bar one night he meets the mysterious and beautiful Emmeline. He becomes besotted with her ...but why does he only meet up with her at night and what is the link to some gruesome murders in the city?  Not to be read late at night if alone!
New members welcome even if you haven't read the book.Email      wearewowwi@gmail.com
for the address of where we are meeting. Happy Reading!

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