Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Thank you Margaret and Cheese for a really lovely walk today.
The weather was a bonus but such a great walk that I didn’t know was on my doorstep. Stopped for a drink in a very friendly pub with a leftover royal wedding feel to it much to our amusement.
Thank you ladies for your company

WOW its May!

Welcome to the latest blog of the WOMEN OF WESTON’S WI (to give it its full title)

Well the meeting on April the 17th didn’t go exactly as planned but then what does really? The speaker didn’t arrive and Cheryl (El Presidente) wasn’t able to attend either, not related though I understand. I’m sure there was panic behind the scenes at first but it didn’t show and soon we were discussing the weighty topic of this year’s resolution which really needs a whole blog of its own! The resolution was carried and this will be put forward to head office oh sorry NFWI, this was passed by a majority vote with some against and a couple of abstentions.

Then Margaret provided us with Comedy Gold, she should really lurk around open mic venues! She gamely offered us a game of Bingo thanks to the trusty bingo game we had in storage apparently and the rest as they say is history definitely a *you had to be there* kind of moment. The best most hilarious game of Bingo I have ever played and I have played a few

The raffle played out as usual no winning ticket for me, not actually sure what the prizes were, then name the famous faces in an Influential Women of History quiz.  Pictures had been placed around the room for us to identify but I must say I put in a poor performance not helping my team in the slightest so sadly not a win this time

I could blame the yummy slice of cake and mug of tea but I won’t, please please keep this up!! Loving the use of china mugs ladies

The war on plastic is certainly gaining momentum with lots of info on Facebook and other social media sites please go have a look. My bathroom is much tidier without all these different products so surely that’s a bonus?

Do we have any new book clubs yet? Its really easy to set up the hardest part is choosing which book to read but if anyone wants any advice or just a chat then let me know

So, this blog is a really big thankyou to all the committee members who made the last meeting so great can’t wait for the next one who knows what may happen

Vocalise are holding this superb event on Saturday 19th May at 7.30 pm   Boulevard united Reform Church WSM. Tickets are £8 on the door or £7.50 in advance from Ann Clewlow 01934 627709

its April

Welcome to this the 2nd of these blogs, hope you enjoyed reading the first one. Our March meeting was entitled “What happens to our water and waste” rather a catchy title and one I was not particularly interested in but of course in the interest of our group and in solidarity to Women everywhere I rocked up as some may say to the meeting and found that the speaker from Wessex water made a rather dry subject quite interesting. The facts and the figures went completely over my head although I am sure they were important but the fact that they had created Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve was, as I had no idea this existed

It was created when construction of major sewage works was carried out and consists of 27 hectares of land according to the website www.wessexwater.co.uk just search for Bleadon. The car park is open Monday to Friday but can be accessed anytime on foot via a footpath at Uphill. Some of our members clearly knew all about this and visited regularly but as a recent dog sitter and walker I pricked up my ears

After the speaker left there was time for a short craft session and chat with friends and the raffle of course (no didn’t win again) but for me the highlight was cake, yes, a slice of homemade cake and tea served in a china mug as we do not now use polystyrene cups (dreadful things) sadly we used to! But we have seen the light. Please continue the cake!!

My own fight against plastic is going well I think but it is an ongoing battle from sourcing items to buy without ANY plastic packaging to politely declining the small plastic bags that are offered in the shops for no good reason and then watching my family’s faces as I am counting the number of plastic bottles they have in their bathrooms. If anyone would like to let me know about their own fight against plastic I would love to hear from them! Perhaps this is something we should all be doing as a group?

Well I have consulted my very handy ‘what’s on all year’ guide and next month is a talk by the Gemini project and a craft session of course. I have taken a photo of The Programme 2018, to give it its official title, on my phone so I can peruse at a moment’s notice I’m just waiting for someone to ask me

Are there any new book clubs formed yet?

Hope to see you all at the next meeting


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  1. Thank you Christine for your excellent blog, I intend to go to the Bleadon nature reserve soon. As for the plastic drastic action is needed isn't it? I drive my own adult children and my Grandchildren mad regarding the amount of baby wipes and cleaning wipes they use just for one example, I am hoping my efforts will pay off though !!!!!